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Rennes - 'capital' of Brittany

It takes about 35 minutes by car to go to Rennes, a very busy industriel and university town at the junction of the river Ille and the river Vilaine. From an architectural point of view more a french town than a mediaeval Breton one, because it was rebuilt after a big fire in 1720, corresponding to the rules of town construction of the 18 th century.

RENNES square Liçes
     Place des Liçes

Rich classic buildings in the center (House of Parliament of Bretagne, St. Peter Cathedral, Townhall ...) and a very nice old town with numerous wooden frame houses - some have six levels ! Museums, the magnificent and vast parc "Le Thabor" and, always in the center, one of the most rich and colourful markets in France, the "Marché des Liçes" (each Saturday morning). All our guests, who came back after a visit of this market, were enthusiast.

Liçes market flowers
impressions of marketplace 'des Liçes'

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old town Rennes
   old town Rennes
fish for sale
   fish for sale