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Excursions on old vessels

historischer Segler Etoile Molene
Étoile Molène

On the open sea, the sailers are bigger and a certain number of interested passengers must be present to allow an excursion.

At Saint Malo, the "Étoile Molène" (a 22m former tuna-fisher), the "Popoff" (16m-Ketch), the "Fleur de Mai" (17m-barge), "Le Renard" (copy of a famous pirate's ship) give you a lift on the turquoise waters of the Emerald-Coast. Tel.: 0033. und 0033. for 'Le Renard'

INTERNET : etoile-marine

At Cancale, one of the famous bisquines cancalaise, 'La Perle', goes to the Channel Islands.
Tel.: 0033. or
Tel. 0033.